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Essex Embraces New Era in HIV Support with Provide Community

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  • Essex Embraces New Era in HIV Support with Provide Community
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Essex Sexual Health Service, delivered by Provide Community and commissioned by Essex County Council, is marking a new chapter in HIV support across Essex. This new chapter aims to enhance the scope and quality of services offered to those living with HIV, addressing a spectrum of needs from health management to social support.

Provide Community, known for its comprehensive care and innovative health solutions, now takes the helm from the previous service providers. This transition is driven by a shared commitment with Essex County Council to enhance health outcomes and accessibility for the community.

Essex residents can expect a robust support system, tailored to the unique challenges faced by individuals living with HIV, this will include:

  • Individual and Community Support: One-on-one sessions, peer group meetings, and community support initiatives.
  • Comprehensive Assistance: Housing, accommodation, and immigration advice, along with necessary onward referrals.
  • Welfare and Rights Guidance: Expert advice on welfare rights and support in application processes.
  • Managing Health and Relationships: Resources to help cope with diagnosis, manage relationships, and confront stigma.
  • Access to Specialist Services: Signposting to specialist counselling and support groups.
  • Financial and Health Management: Assistance with debt management and referrals to mainstream financial services; support in medication adherence and managing co-morbidities.

Michelle Parker, Director Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Provide Community, said: “The HIV services have integrated seamlessly into Provide Community’s extensive health, wellbeing and sexual health portfolio.

“We are committed to ensuring every individual receives compassionate, comprehensive care.

“This partnership allows us to extend our reach and enrich the lives of those living with HIV in Essex with the utmost dignity and support.”

To find out more about the available services please visit:

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