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Integrated Care Services

Community Nursing Care and Support for Patients in Their Homes


Integrated Care Services offers community nursing care and advice for adults with long-term conditions, life-limiting illnesses, and those who are frail and elderly. This service is specially designed for housebound individuals in the NHS Mid Essex area.

Eligibility Criteria

•  Adults registered with a GP in the NHS Mid Essex area.
•  Must be housebound.

Service Details

We provide nursing services for those who are unable to leave their homes due to acute or chronic illness. Our treatments include:
•  Wound management for trauma and chronic wounds.
•  Lower-leg care for various types of ulcerations.
•  Post-operative care, transitioning to GP Practice nurses once ambulant.
•  Administration of medication, including IV therapy (excluding oral medications and long-term eye drops).
•  Ongoing treatment and monitoring of health issues and chronic degenerative conditions (e.g., MS, paraplegia, dementia, CCF).
•  Preventative care including flu vaccinations.
•  Management of urinary catheters and bowel issues.
•  Terminal or palliative care.
•  Encouraging self-care for patients and carers, including administering injections, PICC lines, eye drops, and dressings.
•  Preventing unnecessary hospital admissions through education, symptom management, and telehealth programmes.
We also have an End-of-Life Clinical Facilitator to support patients and families during the final stages of life.

Our Team

Our team consists of qualified specialist practitioners, nurses, and healthcare assistants.

Service Delivery

•  Care is provided exclusively to housebound patients.
•  Operating hours: 8am to 11pm, Monday to Sunday, including Bank Holidays.
•  For assistance outside these hours, please contact your GP’s out-of-hours provider.

Referral Process

Referrals must come from a healthcare professional, such as your GP or an Acute Hospital Trust.

Customer Feedback
Survey Period:

10 December 2012 – 31 January 2013 Respondents: 76

Feedback Highlights:
•  98.6% top score satisfaction.
•  100% found our Community Nursing staff professional, courteous, and pleasant.
•  100% felt treated with respect and dignity.
•  100% were satisfied with the clarity of treatment explanations.
•  100% felt involved in care and treatment decisions.
•  100% had important questions answered clearly.
•  97% knew who to contact with care concerns.


Operating hours:

Monday to Sunday,
8am to 11pm,
including Bank Holidays.

Call Us

0300 303 9988

Contact Us

If you are registered with SystmOnline you will be able to view your own Electronic Medical Record (EMR), manage your appointments, request repeat medication, update contact details and message your healthcare service. There is also a SystmOnline app available for Apple and Android devices.

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