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Internships help Provide connect with new talent

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  • Internships help Provide connect with new talent
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A partnership between Provide and the University of Essex is offering opportunities to new graduates and allowing the company to benefit from the insights and enthusiasm of new graduates.

Provide is a social enterprise business which employs more than 1,000 people and delivers community health services across the Eastern region. Since 2015, it has been offering 12 month placements to Essex graduates supported by Essex Interns – the University of Essex’s internship team.

The partnership has been hugely successful and had also led to fifty percent of Essex interns having their contracts extended or being offered jobs from Provide once their internship ended.

Scott Peters, Programme Manager at Provide CIC, said: “We believe it helps their transition from university to full time employment. They bring enthusiasm, energy and hard work. We recognise that many graduates are not sure of their career path and their time with us hopefully gives them a range of work experiences. In addition if they express interest in a particular function of the business they are not currently working in, we try and arrange a shadowing opportunity in that department.”

Michael Glassock, who completed his Bsc Business Management at Essex, has just completed a placement with Provide where he worked on marketing, internal communications, project management and coordinating bids.

Michael said he has benefited massively from the placement. He said: “I’ve felt through my time here I’ve become a reliable and competent team member and learnt that I can deal with people at all levels. I hope I’ve left a positive impression on the company, as the company certainly has done so to me! To describe my internship in a few words, it has been varied, supportive and insightful.

“I’ve gained project management skills at Provide and my interpersonal skills have improved as I’ve had to deal with an array of people during my project work. My organisational skills have been greatly enhanced as I’ve had responsibility for meeting multiple deadlines and adhering to schedules set by external bodies.

“The exposure to the senior management team here has been extremely beneficial in drawing on the wealth of experience and knowledge present.”

Scott added: “To describe Michael in three words, we would say he is personable, upbeat and conscientious.  We would recommend Essex Interns to other employers. The team are extremely helpful and provide a professional service. We have had a very successful partnership with them over the last four years.”

Michael said the placement has offered him so much: “A proud moment during my internship, was some work I undertook for the Administration Support teams. This was a massive project and I made some key positive contributions which helped it be a success.

“I would recommend Essex Interns 100%! Forget the graduate stereotype that once you leave university you have to work for a big company in London. My internship through Essex Interns have been with smaller, local companies that can offer you a greater variety of work, support and exposure to a senior team with a wealth of experience and knowledge amongst them!”


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