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Medical Examiners Service

The Medical Examiner Service scrutinises the deaths of all patients under the care of Provide Community Inpatient Wards to enable us to learn from these experiences. Provide has access to three Medical Examiner offices throughout Mid & South Essex: Basildon, Chelmsford, Southend. Please see the relevant site contact details below.

How we care for patients after they pass:

The Medical Examiner will review the patient’s medical records and discuss the care with the Provide Service who were looking after the deceased. This is to make sure that when completing the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD), the document accurately reflects the details of the cause of death. The MCCD is completed by the service that cared for your loved one.

The cause of death will be discussed with the next of kin who will be asked if it is what they expected and if they need any explanation.

Causes of death often use medical terminology, which can be confusing, so please ask as many questions as you need or raise any concerns in relation to your loved one’s death.

In some cases, the service may not be able to answer your questions immediately, but we will endeavour to get back to you.

We will also be able to advise you of additional sources of support and information to help you through this difficult time.

Who are we?

Medical Examiners are senior medical doctors, who are independent of the healthcare professionals who looked after the deceased, they: 

  • Advise on whether the law requires the coroner to be informed about a death
  • Advise doctors on how best to certify the cause of death
  • Identify situations, where aspects of healthcare could have been better and make suggestions for improvements in the future.
  • Medical Examiner Officers are trained staff who work alongside Medical Examiners.

Informing the coroner:

In some situations, the death is discussed with the Coroner’s Office. By law, some deaths must be reported and then investigated by the Coroner.

The Medical Examiner’s Office will be able to support you if Coroner involvement is required.

Why am I being asked if I have any concerns?

As part of the process, you will have a discussion with a Medical Examiner or Officer.

This will give you the opportunity to have an open and honest conversation and address any concerns with someone who was not involved in providing care to the person who died.

It could be as simple as helping you to understand more about the treatment and cause/s of death or to understand the medical language used. There may be something about the care, which you think did not feel was right – this is an opportunity to ask questions.

As well as answering your questions, this can help us to learn and provide better care for patients, their families, and carers by recognising ways in which care can be improved in the future.

What will I be asked when the Medical Examiner’s Office contact me?

They will discuss with you the care the person received before their death.

This is the best time for you to raise questions and speak about anything that concerns you and to ask further questions if you wish to do so. If we cannot provide answers, they will pass them on to someone who can investigate further.

What if I don’t want to speak to the Medical Examiner?

Medical Examiners are independent, so we would like you to speak to them or their staff, if possible.  They will help explain things to you and are trained to answer your questions.

However, we understand this is a challenging time for many people and so speaking to someone is completely your choice. If you are not sure, you can contact your local Medical Examiner’s office on the contact details given below.

They can give you more information, which may help you decide if you wish to speak with the Medical Examiner Service, they are trained to help people during tough times and will be very understanding and supportive.

Will funeral plans or release of the body take longer?

Every effort will be made to avoid any delays and we will work with families and carers of the person who died to meet the legal requirements for registering deaths.

Each case will be dealt with individually and, when possible, we will try to give priority to those where relatives need urgent release of the deceased, whilst ensuring due process is undertaken.

Can someone else speak to the Medical Examiner on my behalf?

Yes, the Medical Examiner service may contact you to ask who you would like us to talk to instead, or you can let a member of the Provide Service know if you would rather appoint someone else as a point of contact. The Medical Examiner Service will usually contact you by telephone however, we can make other arrangements if you let us know.

More information can be found here




Basildon Hospital
SS16 5NL

Tel: 01268 394736/ 593158


Broomfield Hospital
Court Road

Tel: 01245 362000
ext. 2015/2016/2017/2018


Southend Hospital
Prittlewell Chase

Tel: 01702 435555
ext. 7285/7286/7287

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