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New Autoplanner Drastically Frees Up Clinician Hours

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A new system being trialled at Provide Community is saving senior clinicians valuable patient-facing time by eliminating the need to manually update their schedules.

Autoplanner which allows users to automatically schedule all of their visits for a caseload on a daily basis, has made dramatic impact on the delivery of Provide’s nursing services.

The system matches the journeys and direction of travel to plan visits with maximum effiecency and minimum mileage and has been an exceptional example of systems and nursing teams working together to create an exceptional outcome.

Since rolling out the system in March 2022, Provide Community has seen a huge reduction in the time spent on scheduling all Intermediate Care including Reablement (ICR) visit, falling form 532.5 hours of nursing time a week to just 40 across all teams.

Autoplanner also automatically compute various scheduling factors such as:

  • Time of a visit requires
  • If it’s a second person visit
  • Required skillset
  • Location

The system analyses the skill sets, visits and direction of travel for each nurse and matches them with a patient visit that best suits them, including factoring the most efficient route. This has proved particularly helpful for reducing fuel costs, an issue that become more of a concern with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

used across Provide’s three business units for integrated care in Braintree, Witham and Halstead, the new system is ensuring that the right clinician with the right skills and competencies is visit each patient, which has resulted in higher levels of patients satisfaction and reduction in missed visits.

Karen Wheeler, Senior Clinical Manager at Provide Community, said; “Provide Community has made significant progress since adopting the new system, and is not allocating two to three days at a time to allow its nurses more face-to-face time with complex patients. Daily reports, which summaries a nurse’s capacity and skillset, are being used to deliver more accurate caseloads that help each team deliver the right care to its patients.”


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