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Our Culture

Our Vision, Mission
and Values

‘At Provide Community, our mission is a symphony of ‘transforming lives through care, innovation, and compassion,’ and it is my steadfast belief that this is the melody we play every day. It is the investments we make in our vibrant people, our compassionate practices, and our harmonious collaborations with organisations within the nhs and the broader care sector, that fuel us to uphold our promise of delivering unparalleled care, relentless innovation, and boundless compassion, even as the terrains of healthcare landscape shift and evolve.’

Mark Heasman
Group Chief Executive

Care, Innovation, Compassion

Our mission is a heartfelt promise to transform lives, infused with our intrinsic values of care, innovation, and compassion. We stand as an employee-owned Community Interest Company (CIC), with a steadfast commitment to growing our services, our people, and the vibrant communities we are a part of, by conscientiously reinvesting our profits.

Our vision, mission, and values are the lifeforce that flow through every strand of our organisation, a constant reminder and motivator, ensuring our focus remains on our customers, our patients, and our service users.

A Journey of Compassionate Transformation

Every step we take at Provide marks progress in our profound journey of changing lives. This journey is enriched with acts of compassion and brightened with innovative care. Our essence is defined by the warmth we radiate, the lives we impact, and the individuals we uplift, shaping a world where every interaction is an embrace of profound love and every moment reflects brilliance.

Welcome to Provide, where each individual represents a unique chapter in our story of transformative care. Here, every day presents a fresh chance to spread love, introduce innovation, and express compassion. Join us in our inviting community, and together, let’s craft a narrative of changed lives, a tale intertwined with care and pioneering spirit. At Provide, every shared story is a testament to our commitment, every smile signals a life touched, and every hand reached out signifies our compassionate bond. Welcome to Provide.