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Podiatric Surgery

Advanced Foot Care at Your Convenience: Local Anesthetic Podiatric Surgery for Day-to-Day Wellness


Our Podiatric Surgery service offers foot surgery under local anaesthetic on a day-care basis, providing effective treatment for a range of foot conditions.

Service Details

We provide the following surgical procedures under local anaesthetic on a day-case basis:

  • Surgery for soft-tissue lesions, including ganglions and neuromas.
  • Bone surgery, such as osteotomy and arthrodesis, to correct bunion deformities, osteoarthritis of the big toe joint, and lesser toe deformities.
  • Complex surgery to address various forefoot conditions.

Consultations and surgical procedures take place at Braintree Community Hospital, with the aim of seeing and treating patients within 11 weeks. Patients who have undergone surgery can access an on-call service for the first 48 hours following their procedure, provided they have someone, such as a relative, available at home to assist them.

Who Is This Service For? Eligibility Criteria

This service is available to adults (18+) registered with a GP in the NHS Mid Essex area who are medically fit and suitable for surgery under local anaesthetic.


Patients who are not medically fit for the procedure. Patients who lack the mental capacity to undergo surgery under local anaesthetic. Patients who do not have support at home during the immediate post-operative period. Patients with co-morbidities will be assessed on an individual basis. If deemed clinically unsafe to treat, they will be referred back to the referring healthcare provider.

Service Hours and Location

The service operates from Tuesday to Friday, between 8 am and 6 pm, at Braintree Community Hospital.

Referral Process

You can be referred to our Podiatric Surgery service by a healthcare professional, such as a GP, the Central Referral Service, a medical consultant, or through Provide services like the Physiotherapy Outpatient Service.

Additional Information

Our team has developed advanced skills, including ultrasound-guided injections, popliteal anaesthetic blocks, independent prescribing, modern bone fixation technology, and joint implants. This allows us to provide comprehensive care, treatment, and surgery with increasing success, managing a wide range of foot issues in-house. Most foot procedures can now be performed under local anaesthetic as day cases.

We operate two theatre sessions full-time and hold outpatient clinics four days a week at Braintree Community Hospital. Our services cover a broad spectrum, from bunions and hammer toes to joint replacements, guided steroid injections, removal of lumps and bumps, tendon repair, fusions of forefoot and midfoot joints, neuroma excision, forefoot reconstructions, rheumatoid foot treatment, and more. We have access to all necessary investigations, including ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, CT scans, blood tests, pathology, and microbiology labs. We are committed to enhancing our services through feedback, pain scores, and participation in the Podiatric and Surgical Clinical Outcome Measurement (PASCOM), a national online outcome database.

About the Department

The department is led by Mr. Ewan Kannegieter, Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, with the support of a team of fully qualified Podiatrists and Podiatry Assistants who will be involved in your care. We are also a registered training centre for Podiatric Surgeons, and part of your treatment, including surgery, may be provided by a Surgical Trainee under direct supervision of the consultant.

What Is a Podiatric Surgeon?

A Podiatric Surgeon specialises in the surgical and non-surgical treatment of the foot and its related structures. Podiatric Surgeons are Fellows of the Surgical Faculty of the College of Podiatrists, and their qualifications are registered under the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). It typically takes an average of 11 years to qualify as a Consultant Podiatric Surgeon.

Patient Feedback

Our commitment to patient care is reflected in the feedback we receive:

  • 100% said they were treated with respect and dignity.
  • 100% said they were involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care.
  • 100% said the clinician clearly explained how pain would be controlled before treatment.
  • 100% said a team member clearly explained how the procedure had gone after treatment.
  • 100% said they received after-care information following treatment.
  • 100% said the team was helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable when contacted by phone.

Self-Pay Services

Our subsidiary company, Provide Wellbeing, offers a range of self-pay health and wellbeing services. For more information, click here.

This service can be accessed through our Care Co-ordination Centre

Available Monday to Friday
8am to 6pm

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0300 303 2649

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