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Provide Community has donated a cheque of £2,000 to St Helena’s Hospice

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  • Provide Community has donated a cheque of £2,000 to St Helena’s Hospice
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As part of a new fundraising initiative, Provide Community has donated a cheque of £2,000 to Colchester based charity, St Helena’s Hospice, to support the charity’s delivery of home palliative care.

The Hospice was one of the many nominations Provide Community received after reaching out to its members for nominations of local charities and organisations that they felt would benefit from funding and donations from Provide Community. St Helena’s Hospice was nominated by a former colleague, Communications Officer Jennie Bateman, who was eager to support the charity after learning her family would very soon need the charity’s support and services.

Several of our Governors visited the Hospice to handover the cheque and discuss first-hand the incredible work St Helena’s Hospice delivers daily. Over the past 35 years, the Hospice has been supporting families facing incurable illnesses, supporting them, their families, and friends.

Provide Community is delighted to be able to donate this sum of money to the Hospice. At present, 90% of the patients and families the Hospice cares for are supported in their place of residence, such as their own home, a care home or nursing home.

When asked about the donation, Jennie said; “When I nominated St Helena Hospice, I knew that my family may well need their support in the fairly near future. My husband has a tumour in his spinal cord, which is inoperable and slowly growing, causing increasing neurological deficit and pain.

Although he’s not ‘end of life’, his condition is incurable so palliative care is appropriate for him at this stage. When the term ‘palliative care’ was first mentioned I was horrified but now I know what it means I am so grateful it’s available. Since the initial nomination of the charity, my husband has deteriorated in terms of pain and lack of mobility and so we now have a nominated specialist nurse from St Helena helping with David’s care.”

Rachel Joy, Fundraiser from St Helena said, “We are incredibly grateful to Provide for the difference this donation will make, it could pay for care and support to 100 families in a crisis in the depth of night with a home visit from a Singlepoint nurse. Thank you from everyone here at St Helena Hospice.”

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