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Provide Community Rolls Out New Wearable Headsets to Expand Podiatry Service

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  • Provide Community Rolls Out New Wearable Headsets to Expand Podiatry Service
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This month, Provide Community will be introducing the use of wearable headsets in its Podiatry Department.

Podiatrists will now be able to contact another specialist health professional via a live video link to seek advice on how best to treat each patient. Not only will this enable the Podiatry team to enhance their care service, but it will also help avoid any delays by providing a much swifter treatment. There are several instances when a Podiatrist might need to contact another team member, whether that be asking for additional support with a procedure or simply a second opinion.

The new headsets work by allowing remote healthcare specialists to see through the eyes of each podiatrist during appointments and start a live dialogue. Much like a mobile phone, the specialist will only be able to join a video call if they’re contacted by the podiatrist, with the conversation being audible to the patient throughout the appointment.

With the consent of the patient, video feeds may be recorded and used for training purposes, particularly as the department adjusts to the new technology. As always, the Podiatrist team will be on hand to answer any questions about the wearable headsets and are looking forward to taking their care services to the next level.

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