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Provide Governors visit Steeple Community to donate a cheque for £5,000

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  • Provide Governors visit Steeple Community to donate a cheque for £5,000
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Provide Community is pleased to announce that several of its Governors were able to visit Steeple Community to donate a cheque for £5,000 as part of a new funding initiative.

The charity group, which carries out a variety of local projects in Steeple, is planning to use the donation to improve wheelchair access to the communal park. A new pathway would allow wheelchair users to visit the pergola, which provides an essential area of shade during the sunnier months. Maldon District Council donated a further £1,500 to bring the donation total up to £6,500, which allowed the construction of the path to take place sooner than expected.

As part of its new funding initiative, Provide Community reached out to its members to ask for nominations of local charities that they felt would benefit from a boost in funding. Steeple Community Group was put forward by Amy Jackson, Programme Manager at Provide Community.

When asked about the nomination, Amy said; “One of the best things about being part of an employee-owned community interest company is being able to give back to our communities, like the donation made to Steeple Community Group. I hope that its new path will give it the much-needed accessibility for wheelchair users and those with pushchairs to make use of its wonderful community facilities”.

Kay Davey, Chair of Steeple Community Group, said; “The donation from Provide Community has enabled pushchairs and wheelchair users to safely and easily access the facilities at the park. Thank you Provide, we really do appreciate your support”.

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