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Your New Year’s Resolutions – how you can achieve your goals

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  • Your New Year’s Resolutions – how you can achieve your goals
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If you want to make lifestyle changes this year then the Essex Lifestyle Service can support you.

John Gear, a Health Improvement Specialist at the Essex Lifestyle Service said:

“People often want to make lifestyle changes for their New Year’s resolutions and all the evidence shows that you are far more likely to succeed with our help and support.

“Whether you’re planning to stop smoking, eat healthier or get fitter then the Essex Lifestyle Service is here to offer you free support. We can also help people who have a long term condition to manage it more effectively.

“Anyone living or working in Essex can call us on 0300 303 9988 to self-refer or visit our website for more information.”

Essex County Council has commissioned the Essex Lifestyle Service to deliver a number of health and wellbeing services for the people of Essex.  The aim is to enable people to live longer, happier and healthier lives.


Date: Friday 05 January 2017

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