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Colchester-based Children’s Charity Receives £2,000 to Improve Respite Capabilities

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  • Colchester-based Children’s Charity Receives £2,000 to Improve Respite Capabilities
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Provide Community is delighted to announce that Colchester Children’s Charity Appeal (CCCA), an independent charity offering support for children living with terminal illnesses or disabilities, has received a £2,000 donation.

The £2,000 donation will be used to help fund further specialised support for children living with terminal illnesses and disabilities. As a social enterprise and employee-owned business, Provide Community reached out to its members to ask for nominations of local charities and community group nominations which they felt would benefit from additional funding.

Nominated by Provide Community’s Learning and Development Administrator Sarah Newman, Colchester Children’s Charity Appeal currently fundraises for relieving sickness, terminal illness, and disabilities. The organisation fundraises from two charity shops in the Colchester city centre, with all funds being used to assist and support children and young individuals living with illness in the greater Colchester area.

Sarah Newman said, “My daughter Rosie has various learning disabilities and CCCA organised a couple of private assessments that were unavailable on the NHS, which led to the diagnosis of dyslexia and a sensory processing disorder. The charity was a godsend for us, so it’s lovely to give back.”

Colchester Children’s Charity Appeal is planning to use the donation for general maintenance, including purchasing new equipment for the children and improving its respite capabilities for all that benefit from its services.

A representative from CCCA said; “Thank you so much for this wonderful donation, we are extremely grateful. It will allow us to continue to support local children and families in whichever way we can.”

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