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Riding School for the Disabled Welcomes £2,000 Donation from Provide Community

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  • Riding School for the Disabled Welcomes £2,000 Donation from Provide Community
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Founded in 1976 by a mother and daughter duo, Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled delivers horse riding activities to children and adults with complex disabilities. The riding centre currently welcomes over 100 children and adult riders for individual sessions each week, which enable those with disabilities like cerebral palsy to experience what it’s like to ride a horse.

Provide Community donated the £2,000 cheque as part of a new initiative, which invited members of the organisation to nominate a series of charities that they felt deserved a boost in funding. Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled was put forward by Amy Jones, a Therapy Assistant at the organisation.

Lucy Armstrong, Administrator at Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled, commented: “A big thank you from Barrow Farm Riding for the Disabled for the cheque for £2,000, which is very much appreciated. The donation was able to fund the equivalent of 80 rides for our children. Without donations such as yours, we would be unable to provide such important benefits to our riders”.

A parent whose child attends sessions at Barrow Farm, added: “My son now has his own activity outside of school. For a child that struggles academically and doesn’t enjoy school, this has been a huge benefit to his emotional wellbeing as it gives him something to look forward to every week”.

The farm receives many referrals from physiotherapists, who have suggested that the balance and co-ordination involved in horse riding can be a more accessible form of therapy for those with disabilities.

Lucy continues, “We were able to use the money to keep on top of our main running costs, which include horse care, staff salaries, utilities, and maintenance. In the last year, we have had 81 of our riders achieve grade tests and endurance certificates, which wouldn’t be possible with the generous donations we receive from organisations like Provide Community”.

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